The Region’s Newest Behavioral Health Hospital

Battle Creek, Michigan

Why Choose Bronson Behavioral Health Hospital?

Comprehensive Care

When you receive care at Bronson Behavioral Health Hospital, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a world-class treatment facility that sets the standard for excellence in behavioral healthcare. You can benefit from a variety of evidence-based treatments that we designed to help each patient understand their symptoms, develop coping strategies, and heal mentally, physically, and emotionally. We personalize each patient’s treatment to address their unique needs and give them the best chance of meeting their goals and achieving positive change.

Ideal Setting

Deciding to receive treatment for a mental health concern isn’t easy. At our hospital, you’ll find a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere that allows you to focus on what truly matters — your health. With spacious rooms, a variety of amenities, and a convenient location, our hospital can put you at ease as you work to discover the happier and healthier life you deserve. 

Experienced & Compassionate Professionals

A multidisciplinary team of behavioral health professionals guides each patient’s treatment at Bronson Behavioral Health Hospital. Our dedicated experts work closely with each patient to understand their individual needs and develop the personalized programming that can make a true difference on their road to better health. Our staff encourages each patient to actively participate in treatment and collaborate with their treatment team to feel empowered as they work through the therapeutic process. 

Personalized Adult Inpatient Treatment

Each patient who receives inpatient care at Bronson Behavioral Health Hospital follows a personalized treatment plan that is based on a thorough assessment of their current mental health needs and their medical history. With programming for adults, as well as future programming for senior adults, we are able to offer focused, age-appropriate care that addresses each person as an individual rather than a set of symptoms.